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How the team at Performance PI

helps our clients

Our consulting team consists of professionals that were all clients of the Predictive Index before we founded Performance PI. 

We tailor our plans to help out clients get the most of their engagement with us.

Workshops, Individual and Team Coaching and Software Support

We will teach you how to:

Diagnose your people and their traits

Gain insights by collecting and analyzing people data to uncover the root of

what makes them be their best selves.  And then boost their performance.

Design your organizations for their maximum effectiveness

Place your people in the jobs they have the best chance of succeeding in and

leverage people data to deliberately design and approach to leadership, culture, and team dynamics.

behavior assessments
talent optimization
management training

Hire the right people for the job the first time

Define the roles in your organization based on it’s needs and match the right person to the job

Inspire your teams to work at their highest potential

When leaders understand their employees and employees understand each other they are prepared to communicate  more effectively, understand and appreciate the differences and resolve conflict more effectively.

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