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Predictive Index Management Virtual Workshop™

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Northern California

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Workshop Month 1 November 10th
Workshop Time 1 9:00am-10:30am / 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Workshop Month 2 November 11th
Workshop Time 2 9:00am-10:30am / 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Workshop Month 3 November 12th
Workshop Time 3 9:00am-10:30am / 1:30pm - 3:00pm
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Workshop Benefits

Workshop Benefits

Benefits Title 1

Employee Experience Coaching

Benefits Number 1 1
Benefits Description 1

Nine of the top 10 engagement drivers relate to the company itself and how it treats its people. Get culture right and say goodbye to high turnover, low productivity, and poor performance.

Benefits Title 2

Take Action on Engagement

Benefits Number 2 2
Benefits Description 2

You can conduct an employee engagement survey, but don’t be fooled into thinking data collection is enough. Without action, these surveys can actually lead to more disengagement.

Benefits Title 3

Customer-Focused Selling

Benefits Number 3 3
Benefits Description 3

Use people science as your sales secret weapon. Take the mystery out of your sales performance and give your reps the tools to better understand prospects and themselves.

Benefits Title 4

Drive Results with Talent

Benefits Number 4 4
Benefits Description 4

Costly turnover. Stress and frustration. Scrambling to hire and train replacements. Friction between teammates. Failure to achieve key business goals. It’s a nightmare no one wants to deal with—yet we do, over and over again.

Benefits Title 5

Inspire People to Perform

Benefits Number 5 5
Benefits Description 5

Effective management across functions is more important than ever. To maximize productivity, keep engagement high, and achieve your goals, it’s critical to understand the dynamics of your team and your management style.

Benefits Title 6

Create awareness with people data

Benefits Number 6 6
Benefits Description 6

Reserve your spot in this workshop to understand how you best work and communicate, and how to understand those around you — instantly improving team collaboration and engagement.

The PI® System

How can you attend this workshop?

Open workshops
PerformancePI offers open enrollment workshops where participants can learn with peers from different industries, locations, and backgrounds.
► Solve challenges with business leaders and peers with unique perspectives
► Share practice and implementation ideas with fellow PI users and practitioners
► Save money

Private workshops
PerformancePI offers private workshops where a PI certified partner will come to you and your team and create an interactive learning experience in your office.
► Develop strategies and solve business challenges with your team
► Ease implementation by infusing PI understanding and language throughout your company
► Save time

Course Program Title
Course Program Description
Give your employees a voice by continuously collecting feedback so you can build a better culture of trust belonging, and accountability.
Course Program Title
Course Program Description
No more chasing follow-ups or endless email chains—see all of your team actions to improve engagement in one place.
Course Program Title
Course Program Description
Standardize your employee engagement program in one platform, while personalizing any survey to each team’s most pressing need.
Assessment Name

Make data-driven people decisions for better results.

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Assessment Description The Predictive Index Talent Optimization Platform is powered by some serious science. Our assessments give you the people data you need to build great teams, align them to your strategy, and achieve your goals.
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Align your strategy on what matters most right now


Design talent to find the perfect person for the job


Uncover leaders and inspire greatness to make any team high performing


Keep a pulse and solve the employee engagement equation

Video Title
Predictive Index Description Better Work, Better World
Predictive Index Program PI Consultant
People Smart. Results Driven® Develop Your Talent Strategy
Predictive Index Info ► Build a workforce of top performers
► Implement hiring and onboarding processes
► Career-pathing and measuring team performance over time
► Engage and retain your employees
► Design their culture and team dynamics
► Develop leadership competency
► Implement change management
► Strategically align your senior leadership team
Northern California Workshop
Southern California Workshop
Custom Code
Custom Code

  Virtual Workshop Registration

  (“Drive Results with Talent” - a replacement for “Becoming a PI Practitioner);
a link and password will be provided subsequent to registration

For your convenience, you can register online, or by contacting Helen Valdez,
Performance PI Client Services, at (714) 342-7423, or
Fax: (925) 736-1399

2020 Dates

2020 Dates

2020 Dates:

November 10th
9:00am-10:30am / 1:30pm - 3:00pm

November 11th
9:00am-10:30am / 1:30pm - 3:00pm

November 12th
9:00am-10:30am / 1:30pm - 3:00pm

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