Predictive Index® The PI® System

The Predictive Index® system improves effectiveness and productivity across all levels of your organization. As a practical, reliable indicator of workplace behavior, it helps you make sound, people-smart decisions with the best results for the company and for the people themselves.


Predictive Index® Employee Assessment

The Predictive Index® system is a combination of employee assessment, education and consulting. At the core of this process is the Predictive Index® survey: a workplace-related behavioral assessment tool which helps managers identify the drives and motivations of their people, and the Job Model which helps you identify the behaviors and drives necessary for superior performance on a specific job. Combined, the two tools provide managers with invaluable insights for employee assessment, coaching, leadership development, succession planning, team performance and more. The end result: improved performance and productivity for your entire organization.



Education: Putting the Predictive Index® to Work in Your Workplace.
In the customized, highly interactive PI Management Workshop™, our experienced consultants will show you and your management team how to use the Predictive Index, how to interpret the results and how to apply what you've learned. You'll quickly become skilled at working with all the elements of the Predictive Index® - and you'll gain insight into the many ways you can use these versatile tools to improve the performance of your business

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