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Validity Study/Quantitative Results
Industry: Financial Services
Position: Outbound Telesales Agents


The top performers achieved over 164 times the average monthly sales volume than bottom performers Criteria: This statistical analysis is based upon a PI validity study conducted with 124 Outbound Telesales Agents. PI validity studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between Predictive Index profiles and superior job performance, and are conducted at no cost for PI clients. The quantitative measurement criterion is based on average monthly dollar amount collected from borrowers over a three-month period.


The client company is a financial services company that services non-performing commercial and residential mortgage loans.


Outbound Telesales Agents are responsible for calling on delinquent accounts, making contact with borrowers, and securing commitments for payment.


In examining the difference between the PI patterns of the top and bottom Telesales Agents, the most significant factor is the B Factor (Extroversion). Top performing Telesales Agents are significantly more extroverted. This results in a person who is more able to quickly connect socially and interpersonally with a customer or prospect, and is a lively, fluent and persuasive communicator. During their conversation with a customer or prospect, they will be warm and socially poised, and will be on the lookout for ways to bond with the person. These top performing Telesales Agents are more naturally outgoing, enthusiastic, and optimistic. Because of the width of their “B over A” spread, by nature they attempt to see the other person’s concerns, needs and perspective, and are genuinely empathetic. They find contact with other people to be energizing and stimulating, meet and connect with new people easily, and are more “outwardly focused” (i.e. on other people) than “inwardly focused” (i.e. on themselves).


Telesales Agents


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