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Validity Study/Quantitative Results
Industry: Telecommunications
Position: Telesales Representatives (Outbound)


The top performers achieved on average over 5 times greater sales than bottom performers.


Criteria: This statistical analysis is based upon a PI job validity study conducted with 195 Telesales Representatives. PI Validity Studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between PI profiles and job performance. The quantitative measurement criteria is based on number of sales per week over a three-month period.


The client company is a telecommunications provider offering local and long distance service to residential and small business customers across the U.S.


Telesales representatives are responsible for calling prospective customers and attempting to sell them various calling plans.


In examining the difference in the PI patterns of the top and bottom telesales representatives, the two most significant factors are the B Factor (Extroversion) and the D Factor (Formality). The superior-performing telesales representatives are more outgoing, optimistic, empathetic and socially-poised (Higher B) and relatively more informal, flexible, and comfortable with the unexpected (relatively Lower D). Throughout their interactions on the phone with a customer or prospect, they will be more persuasive and friendly, will be able to connect with people on a social basis, and will be comparably more enthusiastic about the products and services that they are selling.


Because of their Lower D Factors, these top-performing telesales representatives are more casual and easy-going, more tolerant of risk and uncertainty. They are better able to withstand criticism and potential rejection from customers and prospects, keeping the dialog going smoothly through objections or even after "not interested."





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