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Validity Study/Quantitative Results
Industry: Retail
Position: In-Store Sales Representatives


These top performers achieve over 310% more sales volume than the bottom performers, averaging over 6 million dollars in additional sales volume.


Criteria: This statistical analysis is based upon a PI validity study conducted with 61 in-store sales representatives. PI validity studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between PI profiles and superior job performance. Quantitative Measurement Criteria is based upon total sales volume as measured in quarters 1, 2 and 3 of 2002.

The client company is a nationally known consumer electronics retailer. Products sold include televisions, DVD players, and home, portable and car audio/visual products such as wireless phones and car stereos.


In-store sales representatives interact with customers to sell them audio, video and mobile electronic products, and to provide those customers with a high level of service.


The results of the PI analysis indicate the top sales performers for this retailer are statistically differentiated by their Higher A Factors (Dominance) and Lower B Factors (Extroversion). These factors indicate that top-performing reps will view the sales process as a "problem to be defined and solved", consequently asking a series of diagnostic "what, how and why" questions. This process, along with a boldness in asking questions the customer didn’t think about and a willingness to take some calculated risks in the sales process, enables reps to help customers consider their entire "home entertainment experience", as opposed to merely the one, smaller product (such as a DVD player) that they initially came into the store to buy. Clearly, this widens the sales opportunity.




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