Performance Snapshots are based on statistical validity studies which examine the connection between Predictive Index® profiles and job performance. These snapshots provide PI profiles correlated to the quantitative results of the top and bottom performers in the study.


Call Center Services

 Call Center Services/Inbound Customer Service Representatives (CSRs)

20% higher call evaluation scores

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Financial Services

 Financial Services/Store Managers

220% less turnover than the bottom performers
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Telesales Agent

 Financial Services/Outbound Telesales Agent

Sales volume multiplied 164 times over
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Outside Sales Representatives

 Manufacturing Equipment Distribution/Outside Sales Representatives

Over $80,000 a month in additional sales
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Customer Service Representative

 Financial Services/Customer Service Representatives

250% increase in sales volume
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In-Store Sales Representatives

 Retail/In-Store Sales Representatives

310% difference in sales performance
Sales volume increased by $6 million over 3 quarters
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