November 2019: Southern California Workshop

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The Predictive Index Management Workshop™ is a two-day program and is attended by managers at all levels of your organization. All participants are coached to read the PI® data effectively and the seeds are planted for a variety of PI® applications.

01Strategic & Succession planning
Where is your company headed? How will you get there? Let us show you how to match individual behaviors with the skill and experience competencies necessary to grow your personnel - and therefore your organization.

02Recruitment Selection
Many candidates -- one job. Behavior is absolutely a measurable part of the job and there are candidates who posses the natural behaviors that will find stimulation in the work. How do you make sure you have settled on the person who is in harmony with the demanded behaviors? How do we plan for those candidates with the resume we like, but do not naturally fit the demands of the position, or the dynamics of the other team members? PI can help you make the right decision.

Today, leadership is an intricate art. We Manage Things - We Lead People. Your PI Associates can help you and your colleagues master this art, identifying and developing leaders, enhancing leadership styles, and improving communication.

A successful business depends on strong teams with complimenting skills, experience and behaviors. Getting people to work as a team is a tremendous challenge at every level of management. We can teach you how to assemble and position team members to understand and work in a collaborative manner, to choose cooperation over conflict.

05Job satisfaction
Job satisfaction and customer satisfaction are closely entwined. When you have the right people in the right jobs, your employees will thank you and so will your customers.

06Individual Productivity
Often we understand the tasks associated with our jobs. Just as often, we do not understand the performance behaviors that drive excellence. PI is an interactive process that allows management and staff to actively participate in constructing Job Models that clarify behavioral expectations. This collaborative process increases organizational awareness and establishes a high probability of self-motivated momentum at all levels of the organization.

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