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5 Reasons Pre-Employment Testing Belongs in Your Recruitment Arsenal


Are you up to you neck in resumes? Is your organization experiencing employee conflict, low production, and high turnover?


Lead your organization to synchronization and higher productivity by replacing an onerous hiring pipeline with a hiring process guided by the Predictive Index.


1. Save Time on Recruiting

Using the Predictive Index process in recruiting efforts shortens the funnel between enough resumes in your inbox to get your organization booted from its host and choosing the right person to come on board, saving you precious time.


The Predictive Index offers several steps for weeding out candidates that aren’t a good fit, reducing the subjective work you have to do reviewing each applicant and adding objectivity to the process.


Additionally, conflicts are avoided later in the hiring process with proactive approaches taken up front. For example, before writing a job description, the Predictive Index is used to write a job analysis. This step involves a discussion with vested parties within the existing team agreeing on prioritization of responsibilities for the position, avoiding disagreement during the face to face interviewing stage.


2. Make Every Interview Count

In order to narrow down the applicant pool, the most promising applicants are selected and sent a Predictive Index Assessment via email to create their behavioral profile. After using these profiles to remove behavioral mismatches, phone interviews can be conducted to further narrow down the list of applicants.


By the time face to face interviews are arranged each candidate will have already been prescreened through several vetting processes and the hiring manager can confidently maneuver through one last step before making a decision.

3. Present More Quality Candidates


Using the Predictive Index makes recruiting more than a coin flip. Hidden behavioral gaps that could cause low work productivity or job turnover are uncovered before candidates are presented to hiring managers. The candidates will be a likely fit to the environment and managerial style of the team.


4. Reduce Turnover

As case studies from PI Worldwide show, adding the Predictive Index to your company’s culture often results in reduced turnover and increased productivity. Why? In short, because when employees are able to just “be themselves” they are more engaged in their work. With behavioral analysis, people’s natural abilities are screened to properly place them in a comfortable role.

5. Nail the Orientation Process

The Predictive Index is very useful during the orientation process and for onboarding. Once the employee is hired, you will be able to educate each member of the management team on the strengths and challenges of the new employee and help the group to get off to a productive start.


Contact PerformancePI for more information on the Predictive Index® process or to speak with a PI Associate to learn firsthand the bottom-line difference PI can make for your organization.



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