John Bowser

There is a relatively small segment of leaders in the business world; individuals whom seem able to build relationships, partnerships and rapport with almost anyone.

John Bowser is one of those individuals. John gets things done by bringing the best out of those around him. As a people person, John realizes the best attributes of an individual must be allowed to shine through thus enabling he or she to achieve their full potential. And by achieving their full potential he empowers them for the future.

As a serial entrepreneur, John has utilized his skills in the roles of CEO, President, Vice President and Senior Manager for over 30 years, leading both domestic and international companies. John has always put people first and realizes a company’s number one asset is its people. For over 20 years Predictive Index has played a significant role in the relationships John has established with his employees. He has implemented PI in three of his companies including a large startup and a rehab of a stoic 60-year-old company, set in its ways and slow to change.

John achieved recognition through rapid growth, merger & acquisition and international relations leading to INC. 500 and Entrepreneur of the Year awards. He has served on several boards and brings a life full of knowledge and achievement to the table.

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