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accessPI – Make The Most of your Predictive Index information.
accessPI is a powerful, easy-to-use software solution that brings the speed and convenience of the web to the Predictive Index® (PI®).


All of your valuable PI® data resides on a highly secure central server, accessible from any internet-connected computer, any time you need it. There's nothing to install, no software to maintain. All it takes is an Internet browser.


accessPI’s convenience and ease of use extends to its secure and customizable levels of control. You have the ability to define who within your organization may have access, as well as what they can see and do within the program. And you can select from several password management protocols to establish the level of protection that is right for your company. accessPI is not only the most convenient way to manage your PI information; it's also the smartest. You can securely administer PI® surveys and Job Model job profile worksheets electronically—anywhere in the world. By eliminating geography from the recruitment equation, you can consider more candidates. And because all of your authorized users have access to the same up-to-the-minute data, wherever they happen to be, it’s easier to share ideas and discuss strategies. Using accessPI’s powerful administrative features, you can easily sort, search, view, compare, and organize all your PI information. You’ll see your data in ways never before possible, and gain valuable new insights into your organization.


Add the power of the Predictive Index to your Web-based recruiting system.
accessPI-CONNECT is an optional, online service of accessPI that seamlessly integrates the Predictive Index® (PI®) survey process into your own web-based recruiting efforts. Whether you are interested in simply administering the survey from your website with the Survey Edition, or enhancing your web-based recruiting system to integrate survey administration and retrieval of PI data with Enterprise Edition, accessPI-CONNECT has an option to suit your needs.


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