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Validity Study/Quantitative Results
Industry: Financial Services
Position: Customer Service Representatives


The top performers achieved over 250% more sales volume than the bottom performers, averaging over $400,000 in additional sales volume.


Criteria: This statistical analysis is based upon a PI validity study conducted with 221 Customer Service Representatives. PI validity studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between PI profiles and superior job performance. The quantitative measurement criteria is based results are based on total sales volume over a four-month period.

The client company is a financial services company that provides consumer and business credit cards, credit products and related services throughout the U.S.


Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) are responsible for effectively and efficiently handling incoming telephone inquiries from customers, as well as selling credit-card products and services.


In examining the difference between the PI patterns of the top and bottom CSR performers, the two most significant factors are the B Factor (Extroversion) and the D Factor (Formality).Top-performing CSR’s have a higher extroversion and lower formality. This results in a CSR that is more outgoing, optimistic, empathetic and socially-poised, as well as more flexible and less cautious. Throughout their interactions on the phone with a customer or prospect, they will be more persuasive and warm, will connect with him or her more quickly, and will pick up on the more subtle, "human" cues (e.g.,"What is this person concerns?"). This person is also better able to converse in a poised, fluid manner, showing more flexibility in having a discussion, rather than always following a script.


Customer Service Representatives


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