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Validity Study/Quantitative Results
Industry: Call Center Services
Position: Inbound Customer Service Representatives (CSRs)


The top performers achieved on average call evaluation scores that were over 20% higher than the bottom performers.


Criteria: This statistical analysis is based upon a PI validity study conducted with 74 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). PI validity studies are designed to determine the statistical connections between PI profiles and superior job performance, and are conducted at no cost for PI clients. The quantitative measurement criterion is based on average Call Evaluation scores over a three-month period.


The client company provides a range of call center services for clients in a wide variety of industries.


Customer Service Representatives are responsible for fielding incoming calls. They are evaluated by their supervisors several times a month on a percent scale of 1-100 for call speed and quality of service (the ability to handle the customer’s inquiry in an effective, knowledgeable and friendly manner.) The company’s goal for all CSR evaluations is 94%.


In examining the differences in the PI patterns of the top and bottom performers, the two most significant factors are the Higher D Factor (Formality) and Lower B Factor (Extroversion). The high performing CSRs believe in having, and following, well-defined and structured processes, and will seek to develop specialized expertise in their particular areas of responsibility. The Higher D indicates that the top performers work in a manner that is careful, precise, accurate and detail-oriented. For example, when answering the phone, these High D CSRs will follow their client’s call-answering scripts to the letter, with little or no deviation. When the call-answering instructions are changed by their clients, they will seek thorough training on the new protocols and will be sure to master them. The Lower B translates into an approach to work that is quieter, more introspective and reserved, with a focus on the specific tasks to be done (e.g. taking customer orders, routing calls, answering questions, etc.). These top performers have little need to socialize with other CSRs, are serious, and think things through before acting. They have a communication style that is characterized by politeness, sincerity, respectfulness, and a sense of propriety, with a strong desire to say and do the right thing in the best interest of the customer. With regard to decision-making, there is a strong drive to be cautious, to minimize risk, and to protect the company. The Higher D leads to a desire to do things the established or conventional way, and to make changes only when convinced, with hard evidence, that the new way will be better. In rolling out new changes, the top performing CSR will be very tactical, thinking through exactly how it should be done, creating a complete plan, and having solutions to possible obstacles. Decisions will be equally well thought-out. In this PI validity study, the entire group of top performing Customer Service Representatives exceeded the company’s evaluation goal of 94%, while no one from the group of bottom performers were able to achieve this benchmark performance level.


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