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Work on Trial


If the pandemic’s taught us anything, it’s that you can’t take life for granted.

Faced with their own mortality and struggling with burnout, employees are rethinking why and how they work. Employees are seeking a better sense of being and belonging—and they’re quitting their jobs to find it.

What does this mean for employers? How are they rethinking what they need from their relationship with work? How are they providing employees with opportunities to find purpose? In their rush to backfill roles, are they paying attention to the employees who have stayed?

“Work On Trial,” a documentary film by The Predictive Index, explores the complexities of today’s workplace through interviews with employees, employers, and subject matter experts.

PerformancePI offers open enrollment workshops where participants can learn with peers from different industries, locations, and backgrounds.

Video Title Work on Trial | A Film by The Predictive Index
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